Business Bootcamp

Many of you have reached out to enquire about the Business Bootcamp that Business Institutions organizes each year, as you look to prepare for internship and full-time interviews.

We wanted to reach out to share some exciting changes coming to the Bootcamp, alert you to the fact that it will become a Winter program, and also point you to the Bootcamp Class Videos which can still help you prepare for your interviews.

Starting this winter, the Bootcamp will be redesigned to not only provide greater direct alumni engagement with students but also spread the commitment out across a quarter to make it easier to participate in and digest/retain the information. This will be accomplished by organizing smaller groups to engage with alumni from around the world for virtual working sessions (e.g., via webex), which each group will schedule around their own schedules throughout the quarter – this would all culminate with a final optional session and alumni panel. We believe this will broaden the reach to students and alumni and ultimately will set the stage to broaden the curriculum involved in the Bootcamp going forward.

For those looking to get exposed to some of the fundamental concepts used in the Bootcamp, please view the links below for pre-recorded tutorials in accounting, finance and other subjects.

Stay tuned for future announcements around the Bootcamp, and good luck to all preparing for interviews this fall!

Please use the link below to view the 6 videos.

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Link for Prep-Session Videos:

These 2 files will assist you in watching the videos.
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PowerPoint Slides

Excel Spreadsheet

Brief description of each video:

Business Institutions Bootcamp - Video Prep Session 1 [56 min]

Introduction to the bootcamp, laying out the broader agenda for the prep sessions and the Saturday Bootcamp in detail along with a general discussion of the different players in the business landscape (operators, investors, consultants, investment bankers, capital markets, etc.).

Business Institutions Bootcamp - Video Prep Session 2 (Part 1) [54 min]

Introduction to accounting in which we review the 3 key financial statements (e.g., Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement) and their interdependent relationships.

Business Institutions Bootcamp - Video Prep Session 2 (Part 2) [1hr 8 min]

Start a fictitious company from scratch and walk through 2 years of financial activity, performing the debits and credits of double-entry accounting, in order to see first-hand how the three financial statements work together. (The excel file includes the details we walk through in this exercise.)

Business Institutions Bootcamp - Video Prep Session 3 [34 min]

With the understanding of the financial statements, we begin to translate the accounting statements into the drivers of free cash flow into key valuation concepts, including Net Present Value, Discounted Cash Flow (DCF), and Multiples – we end with a real-world ‘homework’ assignment.

Business Institutions Bootcamp - Video Prep Session 3 (Homework Review) [38 min]

We walk through an excel solution for the homework assignment, in which we take the historical financials and guidance from the company to not only project out the key financials that drive free cash flow, but carry the projections forward into a simple DCF model with sensitivity analysis key assumptions affecting the DCF intrinsic value.

Business Institutions Bootcamp - Video Prep Session 4 [1hr 2min]

Introduction to key finance concepts, including capital structure, Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC), Beta, Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM), Enterprise Value vs Equity Value, Multiples and we end with a very simple framework for a Leverage Buy Out Analysis.